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Peter Madrigal

Peter Madrigal


Team Member Bio

Peter Madrigal is an Agent with Compass and is fast becoming one of the top real estate agents in Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Since 2011, Peter has been a featured cast member on the Bravo hit show, Vanderpump Rules. Peter’s other passion is real estate. Surrounded by colleagues who have been in the real estate industry for decades, their influence has certainly been a factor in his pursuit of this dynamic profession. 

Peter leverages his experience in acting and producing, as well as his extensive social media presence to help some of the most high-profile sellers and buyers with their real estate transactions. His attention to detail coupled with his ability to navigate through different business and entertainment circles with ease make him a valuable asset to his clients. Peter is extremely loyal and dedicated professionally and ensures his clients are satisfied in all aspects of the relationship.

Peter moved to Los Angeles in 2005 from Texas, where he was born and raised. In addition to his tenure at Sur Restaurant & Lounge over the last 14 years, acting, and real estate, Peter can also be found co-hosting his own Spotify show, Reality. He is also the creator of the Celebrity Games, which has been one of the most popular celebrity-themed game apps since 2019. Peter graduated from USC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts.

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